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Monica had put everything in her garden in a willy-nilly fashion, just putting beds and plants wherever without any forethought about it and ended up with what looked like an ugly disjointed mess and called me for help.  She listened to me describe how I go about choosing where to put what in a garden, she took notes and realized where things had been put in okay and where they had gone horribly wrong.  Ultimately she did end up bringing all the pieces together for an amazing garden.


Na-Rae had inherited a garden plot and wanted to bring her gardening skills to a new level.  She was excited to eat from her garden in four seasons and learn how to design her garden to get maximum production out of it.  She ended up creating an amazing productive garden, learned what she liked to grow and what she didn’t and still send me photos of her harvest.


Teresa put in a gorgeous new garden with raised beds and a lovely fence, but kept having critters much down her food.  Working with me she we learned what was visiting her new garden and came up with mitigation strategies for future years.

These are simply three examples of what you can achieve with your own personal garden coach.

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By having your own personal garden coach you’ll:

  • get your garden questions answered without interruptions from others
  • enjoy solutions to situations in your garden
  • be confident you can get real answers when you need them
  • have fun getting pro tips for your specific garden
  • build relationship with your coach
  • choose which amount of sessions you want and be able to add sessions as needed
debby ward, organic gardening coach

Not sure coaching is right for you?

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Coaching is done on Zoom:

  1. Sign up for the amount of sessions and length you would like
  2. You’ll get email reminders about the session/s
  3. You can reschedule or cancel prior to 24 hours prior to your session
  4. You enjoy getting your questions answered and great garden advise during the session

At this time I we have suspended in-person coaching. Once the Washington DC Metro area has the all-clear-virus-gone word as per science, doctors and logic, I’ll be happy to come to your place for coaching again. 

have fun working with garden coach deb