Take the free quiz to uncover which of six traits is your primary gift as an organic gardener. By awakening your organic garden genius you evolve as a gardener so you grow abundance easily.

Find out the connection between a veggie and your gift.

You’ll get a Gardener Insight Packet based on the outcome of the quiz to use your hidden gift as an organic gardener.

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Be an empowered gardener.

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Cultivate yourself as a gardener so you manifest an amazing organic garden.

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Transform your organic gardening journey so you grow an abundant garden through online courses and professional mentorship. 

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Clarifying & Simplifying Organic Gardening

At Prior Unity Garden, we promote, practice and teach organic, biodynamic, and permaculture no-chemical, non-GMO gardening.

We are focused on organic gardening practices for suburban and urban yards and small homesteads.

Diversity and healthy living soil are the two key elements to a thriving organic garden that balances itself so you work less. 

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Clarity to empower you to evolve the garden you envision

You have a vision for your garden. 

By gaining clarity for your next garden steps, you move closer to manifesting your vision.

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Simplify your garden journey

Simplify manifesting your garden sanctuary and growing as a gardener with your own professional garden guide.

Debby Ward has transformed organic gardening with her unique blend of creativity, processes, systems and over 50 years of gardening experience.

Transform your garden into your sanctuary.

Sanctuary looks different to each of us.

The beauty of creating your garden is the opportunity to transform it into your amazing space, one that brings you joy and refreshment.

Gaining support to manifest that sanctuary is what I provide.

Debby Ward, professional organic garden speaker, trainer, coach

Which describes you best? – Are you a ….

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New Organic Gardener, who wants to start growing food.

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Organic Gardener, who desires to discover what isn’t working now or how to manifest more abundance from your garden.

Manifest your organic vegetable, fruit, herb and flower garden with these to services…

Unique Personal Garden Designs by Debby

Click the image of hands watering a plant to join the Metamrphosis Membership to get personal gardening guidance for a low price

Image your garden thriving and flourishing, basking in the beauty and abundance of nature’s gifts.

Awaken the incredible value and advantages you’ll gain by embracing an organic garden in your outdoor space. With Debby’s expertise in organic garden design, you create a haven that brings you a sanctuary of goodness.

You transform your space into a thriving garden paradise with my Professional Personal Garden Design Service.

Through my unique perspective and understanding of your desires, and empowered with permaculture design tools, I create garden designs that supports and fulfills your garden’s deepest potential.  

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Flourish as a gardener & your garden thrives

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Seems everyone is short on time these days, yet most of us mange to make time for the things that we want. 

For us gardeners, we not only garden, but we expand our gardening wisdom. This allows us to convert our gardens into the flourishing sanctuary we envision it to be

As we cultivate our gardens our gardens nourish us.

There are ways to bring higher energy into our gardens, with tools like soil building, companion planting, seed starting, pest management, biodynamics and permaculture.

We simplify our garden journey, by unlocking hidden garden wisdom.

To awaken in inner luminous gardener in you, Debby has innovated and simplified organic gardening. 

Gain clarity to magnify the abundance in your garden with these courses and workshops. 

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Organic Gardening is an art, a craft and a process.  

It is an art because of the creative way vibrant diverse gardens are designed. It is a craft because of the skills needed to be successful. Yet, it is through processes and systems that the creative and craft manifest into a thriving, sustainable garden. ~ Debby Ward

Top 3 Courses

Your doorway to a thriving garden.

How to Start a Veggie Garden Course

Kick-start Your Organic Garden Dream with a Proven Method of 5 Surprisingly Simple Steps that Empower You to Start

Build Healthy Living Soil Master Class
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Uncover how to build your soil so it grows plant for you. Your Soil is your garden’s foundation.

Pest Management Master Class & Workshop

Illuminate how to prepare for and handle common garden pests. Don’t let critters bug your garden anymore.

“The garden lets us shift our perspective and grow along with it,
from problems to lessons,
from failures to expertise and
from obstacles to wisdom .”
~ Debby Ward, Innovating Organic Gardening, Prior Unity Garden