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So you..

  • Enjoy simple, clear gardening systems
  • Get clarification on what hasn’t worked so far
  • Benefit from proven instruction to go forward with confidence
  • from a professional lifetime organic gardener
be a confident and happy gardner

Empower Yourself

So you …

  • Get trusted guidance that has helped hundreds of folks be savvy gardeners
  • Are positive you are on the right track for your garden goals and dreams
  • Score direction from a professional lifetime gardener you can rely on and
  • Be sure you have (or start) a successful garden

Why Choose us

Are you feeling.. 

  • Unsure & Confused about all the things you have heard about organic gardening
  • Concerned about what your perceive are garden failures
  • Feeling overwhelmed about the whole gardening thing or
  • Simply wanting solid garden advise
wonder why we are the best garden source for you

Online Classes

Enjoy online courses to get great garden tips and training on your own time and your own schedule.

Garden Coaching

Get your own personal garden coach so you get your questions professionally answered on the spot.

Gardners Group

An online community for organic gardeners to enjoy interacting with other gardeners, get their garden questions answered and improve their gardening skills, all in a safe, private space.


An online version of Debby’s talks that you can view whenever you want. See for yourself why folks love her presentations.

Walking the green walk

In our dedication to a green lifestyle, one of the first things we did was gain our Sustainable Certification with Green America at the highest, Gold Level. We have continued to maintain this to show we do walk our talk.

mission, Vision & Values

We are commuted to organic gardening through lifetimes of experience and creating valuable innovative systems so you have simple methods and techniques to achieve your garden dreams, goals and vision.  We enjoy and build  a great community network of likeminded people who value diversity and our inherent unity.

gardening allows you to gift others with home grown food

Our Story

Debby Ward and Russell Furbush
Debby & Russell

The Prior Unity Garden story begins when life forced a change on Founder, Debby Ward.  She has been wondering what to do next when her friends suggested she start a gardening business since, as they said, “You can grow anything” …

Prior Unity Garden COVID-19 Policies, September 2020:

Indoor classes and courses have been suspended. This includes the Foundations of Organic Gardening. Although we may do this popular course in the future, for now it is being suspended in favor of other offerings.

Coaching is done on the phone or by video.

Consultations are done with social distancing and masks. The follow-up meetings are now being done virtually.

Plant sales may resume in Spring by contactless-pickup. They will not be held this fall.

popular blog posts

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5 Proven Steps to Starting Your Veggie Garden

Enjoy this snapshot of my solid step-by-step strategy to start a veggie garden.

For Step 1: it is important to take time to document your garden vision, what goals you have, and your garden as you have dreamed it.  Many folks don’t …

cucumber harvest

Concurring Cucumber Beetles – Organically

Had a client ask me yesterday about Cucumber Beetles so thought I’d write up this post so you can all benefit form the information too.

I admit, of all the bug type critters I have dealt with in my gardening endeavors, these little buggers have been the hardest to deal with and …

seed starting rack

5 Proven Steps to Seed Starting Success

Fellow gardeners take heart that spring will come and the snow will melt! In the meantime, starting seeds indoors helps keep the winter blues away.

Here are 5 simple steps to successful start your plants indoors … 

We are committed to you acheiving your organic garden dream, vision and goals