Debby Ward and Russell Furbush

People often ask us how I started this business and where the name comes from, so here is your answer ...

I have been gardening, as I often say, since I could crawl. In 2008, it was time for me to venture on a new business journey and in January of 2009 Prior Unity Garden was officially born. The business has gone through various changes, but I have always kept one thing in mind – how can we help as many people as possible grow some organic food themselves.

2009 was a transition year, and all of a sudden there was a rush of momentum; quite unexpectedly, behind starting a gardening business…


Organic Gardening

We promote, practice and teach organic, biodynamic, and permaculture no-chemical, non-GMO gardening. Our Vision is to assist in the creation of a priorly connected, worldwide network of beautiful, organic, food gardens and communities in contribution to healthy lives and the sustaining of the natural resources and biodiversity of earth, forever.

Great Community

We are committed to sustainable gardening, community and lifestyle practices. We build community and connect and grow gardeners and work with sustainable minded organizations, seed companies and other businesses and aim to be a positive model for our community.

Innovative Systems

In our changing times, we have developed methods for gardening to clarify and simplify gardening, based on over 80 years of combined gardening experience. It became clear to Debby that folks needed a structure they could follow that simplified the learning process yet allowed for maximum creativity and diversity.


Debby with the largest single kale plant she has grown to date
Debby Ward
Founder, Owner, Professional Gardener, Instructor & Speaker

Debby is an entrepreneur, educator, presenter, manager, and organic/biodynamic gardener, with over 40 years of gardening experience. Her interest in growing plants started as soon as she could crawl around the family garden. Her family always had food and herb gardens in which she participated and she has continued that tradition....

Russell Furbush building a garden shed
Russell Furbush
Installation, Builder & Permaculture Visionary

Russell is a problem solver and an issue resolver with a passion for rebuilding healthy soil to grow healthy plants. Drawing on his former thriving Acupuncture Practice, he works to help and integrate people and land. ...

Jazmine-Moon Ward
Supervisor of Everything

Jazzy has been supervising all the projects we do both indoors and out for 20 years.