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Clarifying & Simplifying Organic Gardening

At Prior Unity Garden, we promote, practice and teach organic, biodynamic, and permaculture no-chemical, non-GMO gardening.

We are focused on organic gardening practices for suburban and urban yards and small homesteads.

Diversity and healthy living soil are the two key elements to a thriving organic garden that balances itself so you work less. 

Prior Unity Garden is a Certified Sustainable Green Business by Green America

Debby Ward, Innovating Organic Gardening through her business, Prior Unity Garden

Debby Ward, professional organic garden speaker, trainer, coach

Each person has their known skills and tend to lean on these because it is the easy thing to do. This is our springboard into the world as a gardener.

We grow abundant gardens by uncovering new illuminating insights.

Debby unlocks those previous dark areas of gardening you have not yet tapped into so they become transformative resources for you.

She serves you by clarifying and simplifying various facets of organic gardening. This way, they become your newly discovered insights for success.

By shifting your perspective and fostering your knowledge, through her support and insight, these areas become your gifts of transformation and bear fruit in your garden.

Guiding both creative and analytical gardeners

to transform their organic garden into their thriving sanctuary.

Hi! My name is Debby Ward.

Folks hire me when they are ready to start and organic garden or improve the one they already have.

One of the things that has always been my major gift as a gardener working with others, is to see someone strengths and assist them to shine in those strengths, while also clarifying areas with which they are unfamiliar so they have a larger toolkit to evolve as a gardener.

I am a professional organic garden coach, speaker, educator, designer and presenter with over 50 years of gardening experience.

My family always had food, herb and flower gardens which hooked me in from a very young age.  

My interest in growing plants started as soon as I could crawl around my family garden. The first gardening lesson I remember came when I was five, learning the difference between green cherry tomatoes and peas  – I’ll tell you the story sometime – my Mom was amazing!

debby ward organic garden coach trainer and speaker
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Inspiring Your Transformation

I founded Prior Unity Garden, to inspires and teach gardeners so they grow the garden sanctuary they envision.

I have this somewhat uncommon ability to think both creatively and linearly both.  You benefit from this because I can design artistically and create functional simple systems for doing things.

I natively blend my professional process, systemization, management, organization and tech skills with my fine arts background to provide you guidance so you actualize your garden dreams and goals. I combine these two seemingly different ways of functioning seamlessly so you and your garden thrive.

Debby is a member of Garden Communicators International.
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Triving Together!

I thrive growing gardeners so their gardens thrive.

 I have trained Master Gardeners in Fairfax County VA for the County Extension Office, taught for The Mason Sustainability Institute, Washington Gardener Magazine, at Greensprings and Brookside Gardens, the Take Back Your Health Conference and for many other events, organizations and groups.

I have written articles for Green America and Natural Awakenings Magazines as well as many articles on herbal healing when I was the President of Joe Pye and Friends, the former National Capital Area Herbal Network.

As Debby has grown this business and learned where other gardeners struggle, she has employed her skill as developing systems to creating gardening courses and offerings. 

The Sanctuary Systems, other methods, clarifying course and focused trainings I have innovated for Prior Unity Garden are designed to simplify your garden journey.

Known as Garden Coach Deb, I offer one-on-one organic garden coaching and training over zoom and unique personal garden design services.  You also have a selection of virtual courses to serve you and your garden.  

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Offerings for Your or Your Group


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I love to ‘paint with plants’ combining my love of plants with my fine arts degree and sense of style, color and space to create unique garden designs. And, I love to create gardening worksheets, forms and systems to simplify sometimes complex organic gardening methods for you as a home gardener.

I value biodiversity, community, healthy living soil, fresh organic food, music and the prior unity inherent in all beings.

Debby is the doorway to your thriving garden.”

Green wave of a garden

Offerings for Your or Your Group


Green wave of a garden

The Prior Unity Garden Story

In 2008 I had one of those life changes that had me wondering what I was to do next.  My friends kept telling me I should start a gardening business because, as they said, “You can grow anything!” 

My partner Russell and I considered this idea and wondered if it had any validity.  It sounded fun, but did it really make sense to do and would it pay any bills?  As we started to greatly expand our own garden all of a sudden there was a rush of momentum; quite unexpectedly, behind starting a gardening business. Thus ushered in 2009, a transition year for me.


About this time, we read about “prior unity” as taught by World Friend Adi Da, and agreed the wisdom in the book was the most sound, lucid, social wisdom we had ever read.

“Finally something that could actually work!  Reading of the truth of prior unity in the book, I had one of those ‘Ah Ha !’ moments.

“Prior Unity”, being already the case, before you or I or anything else we know has appeared, was the perfect description for how I have approached gardening my entire life.

That connection many of us talk about and sometimes grasp, but often seems a bit elusive, was perfectly put into words. This was the impetus for the ‘garden business’ to truly happen.

It was obvious to me that the business name would be “Prior Unity Garden” – with one “N”, because there really is only one garden, spread all over the earth.

You can read excerpts from the “Prior Unity” book online.

Green wave of a garden
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