Organic Gardening Services

Assist you in creating the sustainable, beautiful, and productive outdoor space of your dreams.

Get professional guidance or assistance with:

  • Integrating food crops and/or herbs in your existing landscape or small space
  • Four season home scale food production
  • Troubleshooting garden issues
  • Soil building & production – the most important part of any garden
  • Placement of your garden beds
  • Building garden structures
  • Home water conservation, rainwater collection and low cost water storage
  • Composting, Worm Boxes, & using Bio-Dynamic Preparations
  • Revitalizing older gardens
  • Designing & Installing a beautiful, functional, sustainable garden
  • Garden Planning to make your vision a reality on your time and budget
  • Container gardening
  • Incorporating native plants for bio-diversity, wildlife habitat and ease of maintenance – many of these are foods too
  • Wild Plant ID
  • and more !
grow great lettuce
Salade de Russie Crisphead Lettuce
harvest of peppers beans and lemon cucumbers
Harvest of peppers beans and lemon cucumbers
Tomato harvest
Tomato harvest
Charentais melons
Charentais melons
upper ground sweet potato squash
Debby with two upper ground sweet potato squashes