The Prior Unity Garden Team

Debby with the largest single kale plant she has grown to date
Debby Ward
Our Founder & Professional Organic Gardener. Speaker, Instructor, Coach & Writer

Debby is a professional organic garden speaker, educator, presenter, and writer with over 40 years of gardening experience. Her interest in growing plants started as soon as she could crawl around the family garden. Her family always had food and herb gardens in which she participated and she has continued that tradition....

Russell Furbush building a garden shed
Russell Furbush
Installation, Builder & Permaculture Visionary

Russell is a problem solver and an issue resolver with a passion for rebuilding healthy soil to grow healthy plants. Drawing on his former thriving Acupuncture Practice, he works to help and integrate people and land. ...

Jazmine-Moon Ward
Supervisor of Everything

Jazzy has been supervising all the projects we do both indoors and out for over 20 years.