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learn how to grow organic food

Special Package to Start Your Veggie Garden

Get the Course, the Expanded Workbook, a Bonus Module & Your Own Garden Coach

Are you feeling:

  • Unsure how to start a veggie garden
  • Confused about all the things you have heard about gardening
  • Feeling overwhelmed about the whole gardening thing
  • Concerned you are not on track to achieve your garden dream
  • Frustrated with lack of focus on your garden project
  • Just not sure you can do this?

This Special Bundle will:

  • Guide you thorough using the Expanded Workbook so you are confident and
  • Insure you understand the Workbook and each Step.
  • Clarify you are making and using observations to your best advantage
  • Give you videos and other course content to keep you focused and on track to achieve your garden dream so you’ll
  • be positive you are starting the right sized garden in the right place and
  • Secure you can do your garden project

This Special Course is for you if:

  • Want …

Plant a Pizza Garden 

Create a Cool, Fun and Beautiful Garden to Grow Your Pizza Ingredients

Are you ready for an inspiring Garden Project?

Do you:

  • Love homemade pizza
  • Want a fun garden project
  • Desire to get your kids, grandkids into great food
  • Want pro gardener tips and tricks on growing tomatoes and other crops
  • Crave some custom garden designs and
  • To know some proven recommended varieties of crops you would put on a pizza

Have you tried to motivate yourself to do a cool garden or family project, but not done it ..

Planting a Pizza Garden is fun and can be productive, beautiful and a centerpiece of your gardens.

In this course, You’ll get:

  • 5 Steps to create and build your pizza garden
  • Custom Pizza Garden designs for in-ground, raised bed and container gardens
  • Plus, recommended varieties for your pizza garden crops
learn how to mulch your garden and yard

 A Deep Dive Into Mulch 

Why & How to Mulch Your Garden & Landsacpe

Are you:

  • Confused about what the best mulch is for your garden or property
  • Burned out dealing with weeds
  • Concerned you are not using the best mulch on your property
  • Baffled about all they types of mulches out there and what they are for
  • Understanding mulch is a good idea, but not sure what types to use for what purposes

Then this course is for you.

In this course you’ll:

  • Master all the types of mulches available – both natural and man-made
  • Understand the benefits of mulch
  • Get answers to your mulch questions
  • See the best mulches for your veggies gardens, flower beds and trees
  • Score resources for mulches
  • Be inspired
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5 Steps to Start Your Organic Veggie Garden: Workbook & Course

Kick-start Your Organic Garden Dream with a Proven Method of 5 Surprisingly Simple Steps that Empower You to Start

In addition to getting the Expanded Workbook, with this Mini-Course you’ll:

  • Get a proven Step-by-Step Method to start your veggie garden easily and simply
  • Enjoy videos and material walking you through using the Workbook to make sure you use each step to your best advantage
  • Learn a process used by loads of people to successfully start a garden to make it easier for you
  • Get Pro tips for using the workbook to create a garden that works for you and your lifestyle
  • Score a system has been refined to shortcut your process to success PLUS a bonus section

Many people have asked me, Debby Ward, Founder of Prior Unity Garden, to put my workbooks and courses online and here you go.

A life passion of mine is to help grow gardeners. I am happy to serve your garden goals and dreams to grow successful and savvy gardeners like you.

I’ve got some cool new stuff in the works like soil building, growing great tomatoes and container gardening, so keep checking back, if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get intro deals on new offerings as well as organic gardening tips and articles.

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