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outside container garden demo "Thanks for all your help always. You have completely transformed how we think of food and I couldn't be more grateful for your guidance. I am using the last of the frozen green beans and peas today (January 27) for Shepard's pie and I am amazed how we were able to eat our home grown food throughout the winter without any issues. I feels so awesome to eat food we grew ourselves!" - RS, Great Falls VA

"Prior Unity garden is an inspiration toward integrating healthy living ideals into practical life." - JW, Fairfax VA

"Prior Unity Garden provides an excellent basis for how gardening is achievable and repeatable; inspiring" - TS, Oakton VA

"Love the passion & dedication to growing -you live what you teach .. powerful" - AK, Sterling VA

Classes & Courses

gardening classes foster community "Debby and Russell are a rare combination of knowledgeable gardeners, landscape artists, herbalists, teachers, nutritionists - this list is endless. I highly recommend taking their course. I wasn't sure what to expect and was amazed to learn as much as I did. The whole course was well organized, from beginning to end." - MB, Vienna VA

"The course is filled with an abundance of gardener's secrets generously infused within the materials. To teach this course requires not only a knowledge, sensitivity and understanding of the relationship between soil, air, water and plants, but also of our relationship to them. Debby and Russell have these qualities, which brings the class alive. That is something you can't get from reading a book." - BI, Greenbelt MD

"This course exceeded my expectations. Debby & Russell provide their expertise and back it up with many illustrations and handouts for future reference. They both exhibit a passion to share their knowledge and love for gardening. If you are looking for a course to gain a better understanding of gardening, take this course. It is well worth the money! - TK, Reston VA

"I was impressed with Debby & Russell's breath of knowledge of gardening and permaculture - the practical tips given were fun and gives me the impetus to get started! The workbook provided is a resource which is so valuable and will be referenced and added to throughout my gardening year! Their planning tools & scheduling worksheets gives excellent structure to new students. - MR, Alexandria VA

"I've never gardened prior to this. I am so appreciative for Debby & Russell's willingness to run this course. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my own garden. The seeds are coming up and I', so thrilled and excite to grow my own food. If you are looking to get started, you won't find a better, more informative or welcoming class than this one." - JH, Great Falls VA

"Before Prior Unity Garden's Foundations Cause, I had a lot of ambition, but very little skill or knowledge. I grew up watching my parents gardening, but remembrered only the basics. After the course, I don't feel lost. I've learned so many things and now know trustworthy sources to find answers. I really don't think I can put a value to the information that I got from this class". - MR, Arlington VA

"Learning from Debby, a gardener who has been gardening since she was 5 years old, and who has trained Master Gardeners, is priceless in learning the fundamentals and gardening secretes of organic gardening. Her partner Russell is an added informative compliment to the Foundation of Organic Gardening Course with his knowledge of permaculture and soils." JI, Greenbelt MD

"My family was blown away by the binder, all the materials provided and how well organized it is." - EB, Herndon VA

" Loved the color slides, and information on bug control, composting, mulching, companion planting, mostly everything - thank you!" - AB, McLean VA

"Love the passion & dedication to growing -you live what you teach .. powerful" - AK, Sterling VA

" I liked the natural approach and just how much information was provided" - MB, Leesburg VA

"Thank you for offering this course. I think everyone would take this course to know how to grow your own food and live a heathy lifestyle." - SW, Centerville VA

"The organization of the material to help keep us focused and on point and the vast information was great. They are the 'real deal'". - LB, Herndon VA

"The Foundations of Organic Gardneing is a totally fabulous course and all the knowledge necessary to plant, cultivate and reap organic food for you and your family. Know exactly what, where and when to create your own organic food source."- JL, Reston VA

"Debby's warm and engaging style was instrumental in building my self-confidence. She imparted knowledge and experience in a comfortable and fun way and her handouts are excellent. Watching your seeds come up is so exciting and eating food you have grown yourself is priceless and delicious." - HP, Arlington VA

"Debby was very flexible and helpful with me coming on metro and the course definitely met my expectations. I liked the way the group interacted. The fact the course was hands-on and spread over several sessions gave plenty of room for questions." - MS, Washington DC

"There is life in my box! So exciting to see all these little plants." - SG, Fairfax Station VA


organic garden work study

"There is nothing like working one-on-one, we had a great time and I learned allot that I can use my entire life". - LD, Potomac MD

"It is such a relief to know I can get my questions answered by a professional in my own garden." - MB, Vienna VA

"All I have to do is call, set up a time and Debby comes and shows me what to do in my garden. It keeps me on track with my busy schedule." - LN, Reston VA

"I had questions about building my garden and Russell was great coming over, showing me what to do and guiding me to take on this project I have wanted to do for a while. Thank you." - DM, Oakton VA

"They have so much knowledge and can tag team for whatever you need, plants, seeds, building, its great to have your own garden team." - RR, Great Falls VA

"To learn sustainability in action in our suburban organic, biodynamic, and permaculture garden. We have been preparing soil, building compost, assessing the best placement of crops, planting and saving seeds, and harvesting grains and greens. They even helped decide where to make a home for bees. " - JI, College Park, MD


organic veggie garden designs "There is nothing out there like this Garden Guide. This is exactly what I have been looking for !" - LN, Great Falls VA

"When I moved to this area I looked for rock dust, but nobody had it. So happy to find a local source - priceless." - AB, McLean VA

"I come back year after year to get more container soil to add as my garden expands, there is just nothing better out there." - SG, Clifton VA

"Wow, the designs in the Garden Guide make companion planting make sense for the first time!." - JD, Fairfax VA


chemical free plants in northern virginia "Every year I look forward to my new veggie plants from Prior Unity Garden. I know that they uses all organic seeds and home-made seed soil to make the healthy seedling grow for the season. The plants grow, grow, grow! I enjoy planting them and enjoy the veggies they bare! " - LS, Arlington VA

"Prior Unity Garden Plants have grown better for me than any others I've grown. I love getting local grown plants and supporting local small businesses. Finally, plants you can trust to not be grown with chemicals or be genetically modified. And grown here in northern Virginia ! Thank you ! " - TS, Oakton VA

Design & Installation

garden consultation "I used Prior Unity Garden to design and plant three beds in my yard. It was a wonderful experience. They asked a lot of thoughtful questions to make sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted, they were extremely knowledgeable about what could be planted and when and they demonstrated great flexibility in suggesting alternatives to the plan when I didn't like a proposed idea. Their research on what would work in my space and implementation was spectacular. They were supportive of my limited budget and didn't try to upsell me at all. They have created a work of art in my back yard and I never believed such a thing was possible! I can highly recommend Prior Unity Garden." - AG, McLean VA