Organic Gardening Services

Services to assist you in creating the sustainable, beautiful, and productive outdoor space of your dreams.

You can get help with:

  • Designing & Installationing a beautiful, functional, sustainable garden
  • Garden Planning to make your vision a reality on your time and budget
  • Integrating food crops and/or herbs in your existing landscape or small space
  • Four season home scale food production
  • Companion Planting & Plant Guilds - plants helping plants saves you time and money
  • Container gardening
  • Incorporating native plants for bio-diversity, wildlife habitat and ease of maintenance - many of these are foods too !
  • Soil building & production - the most important part of any garden
  • Composting, Worm Boxes, & using Bio-Dynamic Preparations
  • Home water conservation, rainwater collection and low cost water storage
  • Revitalizing older gardens
  • Wild Plant ID
  • and more !
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