Organic Garden Maintenance

Garden Sitting while you are gone or busy.

Vacation, business travel, short on time, this service is great for any reason you'll be away from your garden.

Service can be done any time of year.
    Service Includes:
  • Visit your organic garden twice a week
  • Water your garden if needed
  • Maintain your garden at least as weed free as it was when you left
  • Check for critter infestations and apply organic controls if needed
  • Train trailing plants like beans, cucumbers and melons on trellises - if applicable
  • Discard any rotten or diseased produce

How it Works:
  1. Order what service you want from our website.
  2. We will contact you to schedule your service.
  3. If we are unfamiliar with your garden, we may schedule a visit prior to your service start date.

Pricing is for locations within 35 miles of zip code 22031. Contact us about further distances.

To inquire: 703.281.7743 or
Garden Sizes for the prices listed are defined as:
Container Garden - Up to 10 containers
Small Garden - Less than 80 square feet
Medium Garden - Between 80 and 200 square feet
Large Garden - Over 200 square feet, call for individualized pricing
We do not add chemicals or mow lawns. We require a minimum of two weeks notice.
What Size Garden Do You Have and How Long Will You Be Away ?