The 4-Season Family

Simple Garden System

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The Four Season Family is a complete garden system that makes it easy for you to enter the wonderful world of growing your own organic food simply and quickly at home.

Get your own locally made organic garden, with the options that you want.

grow veggies

Three Steps to growing organic food year round:

1. Choose Your Garden Options
2. We Install them for You
3. You Harvest Organic Food!

Every 4-Season Family comes with:

  • Garden Locator Service to determine the best place to put your garden
  • Installation of your garden
  • Healthy living soil with rock dust supplementation
  • Four Season Garden Designs
  • Maintenance Fact Pack
  • Tomato Cage
  • Four Season Starter Seed Pack - 9 varieties
  • One Garden Coaching Session to get your garden going
  • And more depending upon Model

Design Your Dream Garden Now

enjoy having someone build your garden

You have Two Models to choose from to fit your space and preference:

The Suburban, is a raised bed system for those with yards.

The Urban, is a container garden system for condos, townhouses with smaller yards, apartments, or anyone who wants to container garden.
enjoy an easy way to get a container garden

Choose Your Size

Size your garden based on:
  • How much space you have
  • What size you want
  • The amount you want to harvest
  • Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large
gardens come with cool options to make is easier for you

Choose Your Package of Options including things like:

  • Critter fencing
  • Trellising
  • Hoop house
  • Cold frame
  • More Seeds
  • Plants
  • Additional Garden Coaching
  • And more
choose options for what you want to grow and eat

Choose Your Optional Add-Ons for things like:

  • Additional trellising & hoop houses
  • Adding berry bushes
  • Adding a strawberry, cane fruit, asparagus or rhubarb patch
  • Herb Seed Pack
  • And more

More information or to order - 703.581.7743 - Design Details

gardening is fun We designed The Four Season Family to provide our local community with a better designed alternative to the high cost of shipping, or, of the time to figure out how to build something yourself.

The Four Season Family was designed by us, based on over 80 years combined gardening experience to be a system that works, is simple to use, easy to maintain and will last for many gardening seasons.

hoop houses let you grow more in fall and winter Each one is manufactured by us locally, delivered by us, and installed by us, so you don't have to mess with any of that.

Each Four Season Family comes with everything you need to be off to a simple gardening start even if you have no gardening experience at all.

build a vegetable garden If you are a seasoned gardener, you will appreciate how easy we have made it for you garden again or expand your current garden.

The Four Season Family is unlike mail order or store bought boxes, that only come with little information to help you.

We provide information and support as part of the system.

We have installed many gardens for ourselves and others over many years and have learned what works and what doesn't.

The Four Season Family is one way we are sharing our knowledge to assist you. Each one comes with a consultation, and much more information that just a little how to set up your box sheet.

We include four season garden plans, information on starting and growing each crop based on our tested experience. Additional information for companion planting, seed starting and seed saving come with some models.

enjoy seeds from varieites proven for our area get an organic garden maintenance guide standard with yuor 4-season family
a family vegetable gardening organic harvest organic romaine lettuce