Fall & Winter Gardening

Eat from Your Garden Year Round

Yes, you really can garden in the fall and winter. In fact, in many ways it is easier to garden during these seasons and you'll discover why.

  • Discover what you can grow in Fall & Winter and how to do it
  • Simple Garden Structures will extend your growing
  • Understand how to maintain Your Fall & Winter Garden
  • See how Overwintering Crops really makes you a four season gardener
  • Learn how container gardeners can garden in fall and winter
  • Workshops vary with each date between seed starting and building a hoop house
  • Receive handouts with charts, diagrams and more that comprise your own fall and winter gardening book

red cabbagesIt's also quite rewarding to harvest fresh produce in the depths of winter and in the spring before most gardens are even planted ! You'll see how garden structures like hoop houses and cold frames are part of how we extend our winter season and overwinter crops. Our design parameters include: easy, affordable and low or no impact. You'll examine design options, construction methods and factors involved in choosing locations for these structures. We'll also cover how to procure materials, especially for free ! You'll learn about cold weather crops and, winter and early spring harvesting, winter food preservation and storage and succession planting of early spring crops. Although a calendar year may end, year round gardening allows you to experience the prior unity of one season seamlessly transforming into the next in the continuous and beautiful cycle we call gardening.

building a low hoop house low hoop house in autumn June 7
July 19
September 27
9:00 am - 3:00 pm, with an hour lunch break
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tatsoi is a great fall and winter crop root veggies just harvested autumn garden

collards in snow cold season carrots building soil in winter terraced fall garden

inside a hoophouse growing broccoli suger snap peas basket of popcorn and winter squash