Organic Garden Designs & Plans

What are they - What are they for?

How would this benefit me ?

What do I get with this service?

How does this service work?

What sort of things are in a Plan?

Do I get one design or more than one ?

How much does it cost?

How is this different from a landscaping design?

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How does a PLAN differ from a DESIGN and What Are They For?

Designs are: The vision of what will be where in your garden. A map of Your Garden Dream

They range from single bed designs for areas such as companion plants, native gardens, herb gardens, and butterfly garden to whole property visions including where to eventually put in fruit trees, ponds, greenhouses, pergolas, etc. A design could be for a townhouse maximum space use garden is different from a half acre yard.

Plans are: The steps to installing your short and long range garden goals and include how to implement your design.

Designs and Plans are usually combined and tailored to your specific situation and goals. For example, your plan would be different depending on if you want to install it in a year or over 10 years. They will also differ based on your gardening experience and the amount of area involved.

How would this benefit me ?

The process of planning a garden allows you to consider what you really want and how to best achieve it.

Preclude making mistakes and avoid - "Ooops, if I'd only thought of that when I first put in my garden - darn ! Now what do I do ?"

You get personal, custom help and get to ask professionals all kinds of questions about exactly what you want.

Don't Take our word for it ...

"I used Prior Unity Garden to design three beds in my yard. It was a wonderful experience. They asked a lot of thoughtful questions to make sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted, they were extremely knowledgeable about what could be planted and when and they demonstrated great flexibility in suggesting alternatives. Their research on what would work in my space was spectacular. They were supportive of my limited budget and didn't try to upsell me at all. They have created a work of art in my back yard and I never believed such a thing was possible! I can highly recommend Prior Unity Garden." - AG, McLean VA

Your Design & Planning Service Includes:

  • A design or set of designs only or a design combined with a plan.
  • You get to define your garden vision, goals and desires, short, mid and long term.
  • Garden/Site Design as per your specifications
  • Garden/Site Plan as per your specifications
  • Next Steps for implementing your design into reality

  • How it Works:

    1. Contact us about what you would like to do. 703.281.7743 or
    2. We will schedule to meet with you to understand your vision, goals and desires and do a site survey.
    3. You'll fill out a questionnaire to help define your goals and dreams.
    4. We agree upon what you would like for your design and plan and then we do it.
    5. Once the work is complete, we meet again to go over it with you and define next steps for implementation as per your specifications.

    Some common sections included in our plans are:

    Goals, Objectives & Desires
    Design Recommendations
    Phased Implementation Plan
    Planting Bed Information/Methods/Techniques
    Rainwater Management/Harvesting
    Garden Features
    Plant Lists by Garden Area, Plant Size and Type
    Garden Design & Detail Drawings

    Do I get one Design or more than one ?

    It depends on what your vision and goals are.

    If you want a design for one bed, it is likely there will be one Design.

    If you want a design for your whole property, there may be one overall Design and then detail Designs for different sections, such as one for this year's home orchard, one for next year's food forest, and one for the future pond, gazebo and butterfly garden. In this case, you would have several Designs. All of them would be included part of your overall Plan if you choose to have us create one for you.

    Designs vary because they fill YOUR vision !

    Some common types of Garden Designs are:

  • Placement of vegetable, Herb and/or flower Gardens
  • Adding fruit trees, bushes, canes or vines to the landscape
  • Tranforming shaded areas to food forests.
  • Whole yard designs including water resource usage, placement of future features like ponds, greenhouses, chicken coops, etc.
  • Single bed designs
  • Townhouse gardens to maximize yields in small spaces

  • How is this different from a landscaping Design? Here are 11 Ways.

    Landscapers Prior Unity Garden
    1. Emphasize installations, where they make their money and ignore planning for your long term goals. Emphasize planning to include your long term goals so you don't waste your time and money or lose opportunities.
    2.Do cheap fast designs to get you to the installation process that focus on customary decorative plantings. Create custom designs, based on permaculture principles, organic, biodynamic gardening practices and YOUR Goals.
    3. Generally not sustainably or organically focused. Organically & Sustainably Focused
    4. Design for the plants they carry in stock. Design for what you want to eat.
    5. Tend to rely on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for plant "care". Concentrate on building healthy living soil that grows vibrant healthy plants FOR YOU.
    6. Design for rainwater to quickly run off your property. Design to employ the resource of rainwater, harvesting and storing it constructively.
    7. Don't consider the best use for each area of your property. Considers the best use options for each area of your property.
    8.Emphasize mono-culture-lawn with little regard for productivity, pollinators, or native ecology. Emphasize beautiful biodiverse organic polycultures, mixing annual & perennial food plants, flowers , herbs and natives.
    9. Cookie-cutter approach. Personal, community service.
    10. Remove resources like branches and leaves so you'll buy products like shredded mulch from them. Show you how to use the resources on your property so you don't have to spend money bringing things in, like mulch or fertilizer.
    11. Use status quo aesthetic to ensure your yard will require predictable ongoing maintenance. Build our collective future by teaching lifetime skills you can pass on to your children, grandchildren, friends and community.

    How much does it cost ?

    It depends on what your vision and goals are.

    We do not have set pricies for this service because everyone's visions and goals are different.

    Contact us to inquire or get your questions answered: 703.281.7743 or