Compost and Vermicompost !

Composting a great way to reuse trash and garbage and turn it into rich black soil.

Composting at home saves you money by allowing you to build your own garden soil fertilizer and avoiding paying for someone to haul away items that can be composted.

compost bins

  • Learn how to compost
  • Understand 'greens and browns'
  • Know how to keep your compost from stinking
  • Decide which type of compost bin is for you/li>
  • Avoid common composting mistakes
  • See how to use Biodynamic Compost Preparations to increase the vibrancy of your compost
  • Find out about how to make your own worm castings with vermiculture
You'll know where your fertilizer comes from because you only add what you want.

Making your own worm castings can be done in a small space and provide your garden a huge nutrient boost.

April 6, Thursday - 10:00 - 11:00 am

Compost class at the Town of Vienna Display & Learning Garden's Compost area

Contact Town of Vienna Parks and Recreation Office for more information or to register: 703.255.6360

compost class composting a great way to resue trash and garbage and turn it into rich black soil worms worm bin