Companion Planting & Plant Guilds

  • You'll learn how to harness the benefits of companion planting
  • Discover the power of permaculture plant guilds
  • Use the Prior Unity Garden Guide Designs to companion plant your veggie garden
eggplant and marigolds grow well together and look great
  • Let plants be your garden helpers.
  • Understand how to implement companion planting and plant guilds to create a thriving garden.
  • These methods show you what plants work with each other and which don't.
  • Russell and Debby combine their knowledge to show you how to design areas with plants that have synergistic relationships with one another. Discover how these relationships make gardening easier for you.
  • Learn companions for both annual and perennial food crops.

2017 Dates TBA

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corn, beans and squash are amoung commonly known companions permaculture fruit tree guild tomatoes love marigolds lettuce, basil, eggplant, herbs marigolds and more
nasturtiums and cucumbers gardening teacher debby ward
gardening teacher russell furbush