Classes, Courses & Workshops

Does your group want something special ?

We can design classes, presentations and talks to meet your group's needs. Contact us to create something special. In addition to our current classes, our past classes below can give you some ideas.

Currently Scheduled Classes

March - Success with Seeds - Seed Starting Workshop

March -How to Start a Veggie Garden

April -How to Start a Container Garden

April - Grow Lots of Food in a Small Space

June - Fall & Winter Gardening

Sept - March - The Foundations of Organic Gardening Course which covers all you need to be an successful and savvy organic gardener !

Additional/Past Classes

Classes with an * are included in The Foundations of Organic Gardening Course

Organic Garden Planning Workshop*

Design a Beautiful Veggie Garden*

Foodscape Intro - Add Food to Your Landscape*

Fall & Winter Gardening*

Fall & Winter Gardening Course*

Organic Gardening Basics*

Create Your Own Container Garden Course

How to Start a Container Garden*

Herb Propigation*

Get Started Growing Herbs*

Create Your Own Herb Garden Workshop

Builidng Healthy Living Soil*

Permaculture Design Principles*

Know Your Seed - Wise Seed Buying*

Biodynamics for the Home Garden*

Biodynamic Compost Workshop

Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden*

Compost Pile Building Workshop

Companion Planting & Plants Guilds*

Compost & Vermiculture*

Low Maintenance Perrennials*

Food Forests & Shade Gardening*

Harvest & Other Classes

What to do With what You Grow

Herbal Gifts

Health Benifits of Common Kitchen Herbs

Fermentation Demo & Workshop

Herbs from our Yards

Wild Herb Walk

Introduction to Western Medicinal Herbalism

Herbs for Stress

Herbal Energetics

Herbs for Diabetes

Eat your Medicine - Using Medicinal Herbs in Your Food